Why use AIO to handle your office space strategy?

Easy for us to say but let’s break it down. First things first, time. Time is the most valuable asset regardless on what side of the transaction you are on. Our main priority is to ensure that your valuable time is well spent being educated on the market and ultimately making the proper decision regarding your strategy. Care to keep wasting time fielding annoying calls from canvassing brokers? All that stops when you have AIO representing you. Having all of those space submissions filtered through your advisors allows us to properly curate what is suitable and what’s not.

In addition, a team with an aligned goal can create the strongest possible leverage in the market. Once we are brought on as your advisors, we use this newly developed team as leverage to shop the market and make it known to agents and their landlords that we are going through a thorough process to ensure that the best possible transaction is is obtained. Finally, resources. Operating under the JLL umbrella https://www.us.jll.com/, we can provide significant resources and talent with services such as financial modeling/deal structure, lease review, and even architectural/project management for tenant build-outs.

How are we compensated?

We are paid via a separate brokerage agreement in which the Landord/Sublandlord writes the check. While the Landlord/Sublandlord compensates us, it is a soft cost associated with every asking rent in Manhattan. In addition, there is no “Broker vs. No broker” rent discount. Either a broker representing the tenant is paid or the landlord and its agents pay themselves. You are paying for it regardless, have AIO get your money’s worth.

Is an exclusive working agreement necessary?

It certainly is. We are compensated only when a transaction is consummated and with that, a significant time commitment is made by AIO and the extended team. We need the same commitment from our clients to ensure that we are compensated. When we are armed with the commitment from our clients, we make it known to the market that we are running a thorough process putting all landlords/sublandlords on a level playing field to vie for your tenancy.